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There are a number of different choices of stone for whatever project you are looking to complete. Here are the types of stone that we use in our construction work.


A volcanic stone sourced from all over NZ, basalt can come in many different shapes and colors. Most commonly used for sharp entrance ways this robust stone will stand the test of time looking better as it blends into its habitat.


A beautiful stone with its uniform style, Schist certainly adds that ' Wow ' factor to whatever its applied with. With the majority of the quarries in the south island its no suprise alot of the picturesque towns like Queenstown & Wanaka are filled with the beauty of Schist. 


River rock can be used in many different forms of stonemasonry, with its round smooth texture it can look stunning inside as a stunning fireplace or outside as an entrance way letting the natural elements age the stone beautifully.

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